How To Reduce Redness On Face | Causes, Treatments

Redness of the skin is also a common skin problem which many people have. The person has red skin as well as sometimes feels the itching and warming of the skin. These are all the signs of  redness on the face.

It is some allergy which you may notice on the face of many people. So we can call it the flushing or turning red of the skin.

There are many causes of the redness on the face, such as allergies to rosacea and spicy food as well as sunburn. If you have the redness on your face, then you can cure it with some preventive measures.

However, if the condition remains and you are not getting out of the problem, then you can go for the medical attention and consult the dermatologist. You can find out the causes why people have redness on the face as well as the solutions and much more.Here is also a detailed post on How to Get Rid of Smelly Scalp.

What Causes Skin Redness

  • Rosacea

It is a common skin condition due to which a person has redness and visible blood vessels on the face. Along with these symptoms, it also produces small, red, and puss-filled bumps. The symptoms of rosacea are erythema rhinophyma and pimples.

Many spicy foods, alcohol, as well as, the temperature changes are the triggers for the people who have this condition. These people have worsened rosacea condition during the summers and winters.

In addition to all these factors, there are many external and internal factors such as the ageing process as well as the hormonal changes. Other common factors are environmental changes as well as lifestyle changes such as stress, exercise, and sleep.

  • Skin Sensitivity

Many people have so much skin sensitivity that even when they use any product on their faces such as creams or moisturizer, they get the redness on the face.

There are many ingredients in certain products to which your skin reacts. Many common symptoms of skin sensitivity are irritation inflammations, redness, stiffness, as well as allergic reactions.

  • Inflammatory Skin

When a person shows an allergic reaction to any food item of dermatitis as well as contact with poison IVY, then it is called inflammatory skin.

The main symptom of inflammatory skin is swelling. Along with swelling, the person has redness on the skin. Also, the inflammatory skin might be stress or bacteria.

  • Poor Quality Cosmetics 

We all know that our skin is a very precious thing, so why we use poor quality cosmetics as they can cause certain skin allergies as well as the redness. So, it is the best thing to use durable and quality cosmetics on your face.

These quality cosmetics are made under scientific environment keeping in view that these products will not cause any irritation or redness.

  • Hot Weather

The people who live in hot climates have the chance of getting the redness. So, the most common cause of skin redness is exposure to the sun.

When the redness is severe, then it will lead to sunburns. The ultraviolet rays of the sun cause damage to the skin and are very dangerous.

  • Acne and Dry Skin

As we all know that acne usually appears on the oily skin, and this is caused due to the excessive oil secretion and clogged pores due to excessive oil.

So when the acne increases, the redness also increases. However, it is to notice that acne not only occurs on the oily skin, it can also happen on the dry skin as well as the sensitive skin when it comes with certain particles.

Hot weather may be the cause of redness on the skin. We know very well that in the summer season, we get rash, redness, as well as the itching.

  • Lupus

Unfortunately, when your body’s own immune system starts taking your own body parts, then this condition is called lupus.

It is the autoimmune disease and usually appears as the rashes on the face and cheeks. Along with the redness, it also causes swelling, and usually, the person gets the butterfly-shaped rash on the face.


Skin Redness


 How to Reduce Redness on the Face


  • Sunscreen

When you have skin sensitiveness to weather change, you must use sunscreen while going out in the sun. The sunscreen must have high SPF, which is helpful in reducing the rash.

Many patients undergo retinoid therapy to avoid skin rash and redness.

So, it is advised not to go out in the sun if you have retinoid therapy. Along with sunscreen, you must go for preventive measures such as using sunglasses, hat, and umbrella.

  • Salicylic Acid or Glycolic Acid Peels

It is the sensitive process and also called the chemical peel, so you must go to the trained dermatologists or cosmetologists for a salicylic acid peel or glycolic acid peels.

As we all know that glycolic acid removes the dead cells from the surface of the skin, making it brighter. Salicylic acid is good for removing the redness and blemishes, which causes acne.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is famous for its countless benefits on the skin. So along with other benefits, it is also used for removing the redness from the face as well as itching.

People can use it in the gel form or in the form of a cream to soothe the skin and promote the generation of new skin as well as fastening the healing process.

  • Cool Water Bath

The people who have sunburn or redness can go for the cool water bath to bring the rash down. In addition to a cool water bath, the people who have facial redness and inflammation must use a cool compress to give relief to the sensitive skin.

  • Fragrance-Free Products

The people who have sensitive skin and stiffness are usually recommended by doctors not to use fragrant products. This is because their skins are sensitive and react to strong fragrance.

So if you have redness on the face, you must use the fragrance-free products as well as avoid the skin creams, cosmetics, and deodorants which have fragrance.

  • Cucumber Slices

The cucumber slices are used on the eyes to remove the dark circles, just as we use cucumber on the face to soothe the skin and reduce redness. This is because cucumber has cooling qualities and famous for its soothing properties.

  • Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes are very important in getting you out of the problem. If the person has genetic flushing, then he must avoid the consumption of alcohol.

This is the best way to remove the redness as well as prevent yourself from any skin problem.

Usually, dermatologists recommend that avoid the oily and high-fat food, especially if you have oily skin. As I also discussed earlier, you must use sunscreen as well as hats and black glasses to prevent your skin and face.

  • Redness Due to Medication

Sometimes, it happens that when you go to the dermatologist, and he suggested cream to apply on your face, but unfortunately, your skin is turning red due to this medication then it is the time to you talk to your doctor.

Ultimately, he will suggest you some other medication to treat your problem.


People from all over the world have the common problem of redness and inflammation. In this article, you will get all the information about what are the causes of redness on the face as well as remedies to get out of the problem.

However, it is suggested to visit the doctor or dermatologist if the rash persists for more than two weeks. Pain and itchiness are the common problems which usually people face, so consult your doctor and ask about it.


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