How to Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells | Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

It does not matter which type of skin you have, but it is very important to exfoliate the top dead layer of the skin cells on a regular basis  to get rid dead skin. However, our skin undergoes a natural turnover cycle every 30 days or so. Firstly, in this process, the upper layer of the skin sheds away, and the new skin from the middle layer of the skin is revealed.

What are the causes of the accumulation of dead skin?

There are many factors involved which are responsible for the accumulation of dead skin such as aging, dry skin, etc. On a regular basis, we should exfoliate our skin to remove the dead skin cells because sometimes, when we do not exfoliate, it becomes the cause of the accumulation of dead skin.

Environmental factors are also the main cause of dead skin cell collection on the body. Sometimes, the dead skin cells do not shed off properly, which leads to many conditions such as clogged pores, dry patches on the skin, flaky skin, etc. So we will move towards the exfoliation process.

What is exfoliation?

Now, the question arises in your mind that what is exfoliation. It is actually the process of removing dead skin cells from the upper layer of the skin with a substance or tool known as an exfoliator. There are many forms of exfoliators, such as chemical treatments, different types of ingredients, such as coffee, sugar, rice powder etc.

How to get rid of dead skin?

It is necessary to get rid of the dead skin cells because after removing the dead skin, you will get the new and shiny skin as well as here is as complete article on How to Get Rid of sunken eyes.

  • Cleansing of the skin

Most importantly, it is an old and effective way to remove dead skin. So you should properly clean your skin, and for this purpose, first of all, you have to rinse the skin with warm water, after that lather with any kind of good cleanser on your body. Make sure that you are not rubbing it vigorously. So rub gently, especially your face. After that, rinse the face with clean and cool water. Pat your skin gently with a soft towel. Cleansing is very important to get the new skin because you will get rid of all the dirt and excess oil on the skin surface.

  • Steaming

After this, steaming is also very important because you feel relax after steaming. With the help of steaming, the face opens up the pores and loosen up the dead skin cells. Therefore, it is a good way to prepare your skin for exfoliation.

  • Exfoliation of the skin

In the previous step, we cleanse the skin as well as giving the steam. Now here comes the process of exfoliation, which clears away all the dead skin. You can do the exfoliation of the skin in different ways.

The tools or things that are used in the exfoliation process are called exfoliators. However, there are two types of exfoliators. Let’s discuss them.

  • Physical exfoliators

They are small physical objects which are used to scrub the skin to get rid of the dead skin cells. Physical exfoliators may be sugar, coffee, rice powder, chunks of walnut husk.

  • Chemical exfoliators

As the name indicates, chemical exfoliators are the Chemicals, but they are not dangerous and can not harm your skin. They are safe to use. They may be citric acid, lactic acid. We all know that citric acid is present in the Lemon, whereas lactic acid is present in dairy products such as yogurt.

  • DIY exfoliators

These are actually the exfoliating scrub at home, which clears away the dead skin with household things such as baking soda, salt, oatmeal, turmeric, Honey, etc.

  • Using facial mask

After the exfoliation is done, it is time to use the facial mask. You can purchase the facial mask from the market or can prepare in your home by yourself. Most amazingly, you can also make the facial mask by yourself, which is normally called A DIY facial mask.

So, the ingredients which are used are the facial mask, papaya, avocado, oatmeal, yogurt, cucumber, etc. Make sure that you are using the facial mask according to your skin type and skin conditions.

  • Applying the moisturizers

Finally, here comes the time of applying the moisturizers on your skin when you have properly exfoliated your skin. You have also used a good facial mask that fits your skin also. The good thing is that you should apply high-quality moisturizer, which gives the long-lasting result.

When you apply the moisturizer on your skin, then your skin becomes super hydrated. Keep this thing in mind that not only your stomach and body, your skin also needs to be hydrated and fresh. So moisturizers are the good tools to keep it hydrated and fresh all the time.

Last but not least, you are applying moisturizers not only after the exfoliation process but also in your daily routine to keep your skin hydrated and elegant.

Natural ways to remove dead skin from the face and other body parts.

There are many natural ways to remove the dead skin from the face and other body parts.

  • These are the scrubs used for exfoliation.
  • Brown sugar exfoliating scrub
  • Almond and olive oil face wash
  • Turmeric sugar and salt scrub
  • Lemon and honey mask
  • Turmeric body mask
  • Almond and honey scrub for hands
  • Pink salt foot scrub
  • Coffee Scrub for face

Natural ways of exfoliating the skin are good because they do not come with side effects. At the same time, I am not saying that chemical scrubs available in the market are not good. They are also the efficient way to get rid of dead skin. But the thing which is very important is that you are using high-quality moisturizers and scrubs with no side effects and effective results.



To conclude, removing the dead skin cell is very important for your skin because it gives your skin a new life. Also, your skin looks more radiant and fresh when the dead skin cells are removed. However, the most important step in removing the dead skin is exfoliation. Along with exfoliation, cleansing, and moisturizing the skin are very important to remain hydrated. Ensure that you exfoliate your skin on a regular basis to retain the skin texture and hydration. Exfoliation and removing the dead skin is very important for you to look young and elegant.


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