Most Effective DIY Blackhead Removal Face Masks

The blackheads are usually formed due to the accumulation of excess oils on the nose. Usually, the blackheads are formed when the skin pores are clogged due to the over secretion of sebum and oil.

Subsequently, you should treat your blackhead and remove them instantly because, in the long run, they may cause a blackhead to develop into painful acne.

It can also cause your skin to become deadhere is How To Get Rid of Dead Skin. Furthermore, bacterial action is also causing the formation of blackheads. So, take care of your skin as well as your nose as your skin is very important for you.


What do we mean by blackheads? 

Blackhead Remover

In each of our follicles, there is one sebaceous gland and one hair present which produces the oil. The main purpose of sebaceous glands is to produce the oil to keep your skin soft. The dead skin cells and oils are accumulated in the opening of the skin follicle then it causes a bump to form.

That bump is called whitehead if the skin remains closed over the bump. And when the skin is opened then it is exposed to air thus causing the whitehead to look black. Thus the blackheads are formed which are difficult to remove.

Today we will try different DIY blackhead removal masks before going to the dermatologist. I hope these DIY removal masks will help you a lot in getting rid of blackheads.


1. Orange juice and gelatin

  • Fresh orange juice 1/3 cup
  • Gelatin powder 1 tablespoon

First of all, take 1/3 cup of water and microwave it for 15 seconds. After that add the gelatin powder to it and then the orange juice. Mix it well until it is blended. After that put it on your face without reaching your eyebrows or eyes.

This is a great mask so you can use this mask for getting rid of blackheads. After applying the mask, you have to wait for 15 minutes and allow it to dry. Then peel it off gently and rinse with cold water. You can try this one to two times a week.

As we all know that orange juice is very good for the skin because it has vitamin C and other beneficial antioxidants that remove dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin.


2. Milk and Honey Mask

Both the ingredients are very popular and you can find it in your kitchen.

  • Milk 1/4 cup
  • Honey 2 tablespoon
  • Cotton balls or swabs

First of all, take a bowl and mix the milk and honey. Take a cotton ball and dip it in the mixture. Make a coating of milk and honey mask on the face. Then leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.

After that rinse it with the warm water. Milk is a great ingredient because it contains lactic acid and acts as a natural mild exfoliator. The good thing is that it is easily absorbed in the skin and helps in removing the dead cells and helps unclog pores.

If you talk about honey then it helps in making the skin brighter and shinier.


3. Egg white and lemon juice

  • Egg white one
  • Lemon juice 1 tbsp
  • Facial brush

First of all, mix the lemon juice and egg white. Mix it well and apply the mixture on your face with the facial brush. Keep this thing in mind that you are keeping the eyes and eyebrows away from it. Let the mass on your face for 10 to 15 minutes. After applying this mask, you will feel your skin tighten as the mask dries.

When you feel then it is dried then wash it with cool water. Then apply the moisturizer. If we talk about egg white then it is a natural astringent and is very helpful in shrinking your pores and makes your skin look clear and even-toned.

However, lemon juice is famous for the natural bleaching agent and makes your skin fair and brighter.


4. Bentonite mask

It is a very effective mask to remove the blackheads. For this purpose, you will take:

  • Bentonite clay 3 tbsp
  • Water as required to make a paste
  • Lavender oil optional

Take the bentonite clay and lavender oil in a bowl then add the water as required so that a paste is formed. Put the paste on your face and almost after 15 minutes, it dries. Then wash the face with cold water. You can try this DIY mask once in a week.

Keep this thing in mind that bentonite clay is very useful in unclogging the pores and removing the blackheads. It is also very helpful in reducing the appearance of acne scars. The people who have redness or inflammation on the skin can use this mask to avoid getting the skin allergy.


5. Charcoal Face mask

I use this face mask and usually appreciate that it is very effective in unclogging the pores and remove the blackheads even in emergency situations. You can get rid of blackheads by applying it first time on your face. It is very helpful in drawing bacteria dirt and other impurities from your skin.

  • Bentonite clay one teaspoon
  • Activated charcoal powder  one teaspoon
  • Water one teaspoon

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl so that a fine paste is formed. After that apply this mixture on your face and leave it to dry. When you feel that the mass is getting dryer then wash it with warm water and then apply the moisturizer on your skin.

You can apply this mask only once in a week because overusing of charcoal is sometimes dangerous.


6. Green tea and Aloe Vera face mask

All of us know the importance of aloe Vera so why not trying this mask to remove the blackheads.

  • Aloe vera gel 1 tablespoon
  • Green tea 1/4 cup

First of all, make the green tea and then wait for it to cool down. After that, mix the aloe vera gel in it and make a liquid paste. You can apply this paste with the cotton pad and then leave it for 20 minutes. After that rinse it with cold water. You can apply this mask for 12 times a week.



Blackhead removal DIY masks are very useful and effective in getting rid of the blackheads as well as making your skin radiant and elegant. In this article, I have presented some DIY masks which are very useful especially for unclogging the pores.

These masks are very easy to make and the ingredients used in its manufacturing are easily available. You can get these things in your kitchen and apply them to your face. I hope these remedies will work a lot for you and make your skin look fresh and blackheads free.



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